Are there enough charging stations in Australia? And what do I need to know?

Driving an electric car can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. On the one hand, you’re behind the wheel of a high-quality, energy-efficient vehicle that runs on an affordable and renewable power source and is much better for the environment than a gas-powered car. On the other hand, electric cars are only slowly gaining widespread use, which means that when you take to the road, there may be long stretches of time when you are left driving and driving without a recharge station in sight. If you become stranded without power for your car and you’re also without food, water, first aid, or adequate warmth, then you risk facing disaster. For that reason, it’s crucial to pack thoughtfully for long road trips and to consider how many electric car charging stations are on your route so you can always be prepared to refuel.

If you own an electric car or are considering an investment in one, you may find yourself asking, “Are there enough charging stations in Australia?” Here’s everything you need to know.

Planning Your Route

Are you opting for an electric car so you can drive around your local area or so you can travel on cross-country road trips? When you ask yourself if there are enough charging stations in Australia, you should really be asking yourself if there are enough charging stations for your needs. Reciting the number of charging stations in Australia won’t help you at all if none of them are within easy traveling distance of your car.

How Many EV Charging Stations Are Available in Australia

According to the Electric Vehicle Council, the number of charging stations in Australia is approximately 3,000 in 2022. The majority of these stations are located around the edges of Australia, most of them in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland.

If you travel the Australian National Highway System (NHS) then you will encounter many charging stations on your journey. This is especially important if your travels take you between South Australia and the Northern Territory, as the number of charging stations that aren’t along the NHS is very low. As a general rule, you should keep in mind that nearly every EV charging station in Australia is available along the coast except for those that are found along the NHS. If you hope to travel elsewhere, you may be out of luck unless you keep a portable charger handy.

When traveling such a large continent that’s famous for its hot days and dangerous wildlife, you certainly don’t want to end up stranded without a power source. The best time to invest in a compact and convenient portable charger from Jucer is long before you need one. By planning ahead wisely and carrying a high-quality charger in your vehicle, you will never end up stranded (and you may even be able to help someone else if you pass by someone stranded in an electric vehicle too).

Browse our Type 1 and Type 2 EV chargers and other products today and keep an eye out for our EV charging facilities located all throughout Australia. We and the planet thank you for your choice to use an electric vehicle and we wish you safe travels throughout the country.

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