Could Wi-fi charge our EVs in the near future?

Imagine a world where almost everything didn’t need a power cord… Yes including your EV, maybe even no more Charging Stations perhaps a massive EV charging pad? 

It’s called a rectenna it converts Wi-fi (which are AC electromagnetic waves) into DC electricity. No they’re not coming to stores near you anytime soon. But could be a generation away. A rectenna normally recaptures about 30% of the energy immitted from the Wi-fi device. Which is enough to perhaps power a small LED light or slowly charging your Smart Phone.

Wireless charging pad

However I think there’s hope yet. If Wi-fi waves became stronger with the introduction of a higher voltage output and with investment into rectenna engineering, power cords even household wiring may become a thing of the past. It’s already been suggested rectenna’s were made from rigid, more expensive silicon or gallium arsenide achieve around 50 to 60 percent. 

It wasn’t too long ago a smartphone charging pad seemed quite Sci-fi. Imagine EVs in the future charging off a wireless source in a typical household….

Ev wireless charging pad

Perhaps it will start with TV remotes powered by your Wi-fi? (I’m always looking for batteries). In any event I don’t see this innovation going away, especially as almost everything including EVs becomes electric in the Australian home. 

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