EV Charging just got easy with the Light Year One!

The Netherlands based EV Startup Light Year have engineered and starting to deliver something very special. What if I told you that you’d almost never need worry about fueling your car again?

The Light Year One is a world first product model self sufficient Solar Powered EV! This means EV charging just got really cool… It’s fitted with a roof to boot solar panel setup that can add an estimated 12 Km range per hr or 96 Km per day (8 hr sunny day). Which is really amazing given 30-40 Km is an average daily commute. The range it’s self is already pretty fantastic with up to a claim 700 Km range.

So what does this mean? Well although 996 Light Year Ones will only be build, it opens up a whole new world of engineering possibilities. It means EVs in the future will inevitably be solo charging (NO on grid charging) or at least for regular commuting. Rapid Charging will still be needed for perhaps Sydney – Canberra – Melbourne road trips.

The Light Year One been essentially a Portable Solar Power Plant also raises another question. What else could it power apart from itself? With a 64Kwh battery fitted it makes me think it’s a potential early start for a back-home battery (unlike the Ioniq 5) that’s also self replenishing.

Light Year One already has plans for a more affordable EV in the near future ($50k vs $$$). Importantly it eliminates the issue of on-demand EV Charging in a domestic setting, which is a key issue for the Australian grid. The Light Year One really is the first of THE FINAL SOLUTION of all road transportation.

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