EV Charging with the Tesla Model 3 in Sydney

It’s Australia’s top selling EV and for good reason. They’re all over Sydney, for a good reason! Tesla Model 3 offers great range, low running costs, fun features, fantastic acceleration and fast EV Charger speeds. Now on back order for 6 months… Priced from $65,929 Driveaway (NSW pricing).

Tesla in the woods

Range to value. Looking at current comparable EV sedans on the marked we thought it best to compare the Model 3 with the BMW i4 and Polestar 2. The Model 3 offers an advertised 491Km range on the base model, which is 19Km less compared to the BMW i4 and 21Km more than the Polestar 2. The Polestar 2 is $1300 cheaper… But importantly the Tesla is over $40k cheaper than the BMW i4…  We think Tesla may due to for a price correction in the near future. Essentially every 1 Km of range = $134.28 on a Tesla Model 3, which is pretty good value.

It’s really cheap to own a Model 3.. Insurance is a wee bit more expensive than a petrol car $2k vs $1.6K (I’m a 31 year old driver). But the running costs are far cheaper… Firstly EVs don’t have combustion engines so this means, no oil changes, engine checks, spark plug replacements or petrol… If one charges their at home it costs roughly 33c a Kwh. Our estimates are it’s around $29.70 at the very most to charge a Tesla Model 3 0-100%, but it will normally be much less. That means if one is travelling 25,000 Km a year it’s $1512.21 to run your EV (charging at home). How’s this different to a petrol car over 3 years? Firstly forget servicing costs, most Premium cars come with or are negotiated with 3 years servicing included on a new vehicle. A 2022 Audi A4 similarly priced and luxury car is the best comparison. It’s $2.05 a Liter for 98 as of 07/03/2022. Meaning the Audi is $110.70 to fill up with 701 Km range (urban), which is $3947.93 over a year, $1400 more expensive than the Tesla Model 3… To my maths that at the very least a $3k difference. Then there’s depreciation, EV depreciate much slower than Petrol driven vehicles..

Ev charger map sydney

EV Charging Sydney. There’s about 40+ Charging Locations shown on the Plugshare App around Sydney. Which is more than plenty! It’s around $37 to charge on a Tesla Super Charger, however there are plenty of free Charging Stations still spread around Sydney (charging normally 7kwh to 22 Kwh). Charging Speeds on the Model 3 a breeze too. It can take as low as 20 minutes on a Tesla Super Charger and between 5-8hrs on a 22 Kwh Charger.

Tesla model 3 charging

What about features?

  1. An awesome huge Touch Screen!
  2. Autopilot/semi Autopilot…
  3. Over the Air Updates.
  4. Smartphone and Keycard access (cheaper than real keys).
  5. Sentry Mode (catch the guy who keyed your Tesla).
  6. Dog Mode (warning it doesn’t stop your Beagle destroying the backseat).
  7. BioWeapon Defense Mode (yep it’s a real thing).
  8. Netflix and Youtube Streaming.
  9. Karaoke.
  10. The Frunk/Fruit.
  11. Fart mode (not to my taste).

Browse our Type 1 and Type 2 EV chargers and other products today and keep an eye out for our EV charging facilities located all throughout Australia. We and the planet thank you for your choice to use an electric vehicle and we wish you safe travels throughout the country.

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