Mennekes Portable EV Charging.

What’s a Type 2 Charging? Mennekes?

Australia is one of the easiest places to own an EV. I’m not talking about government incentives and affordability. I’m talking about charging an EV… Type 2 Chargers or plugs/ sockets are the Australian Standard for all new EVs sold in Australia…

Charging Stations come in various forms and names depending on the country/region you’re in and your desired speed of charge. EV Charging Stations are also known as an EV Chargers, Type 1 or Type 2 Charging Stations, SAE J1772 or IEC 62196-2, Fast Chargers, Super Chargers and finally Rapid Chargers.

Every EV driver needs three essential tools for their easiest outcomes for charging. Let’s start with EV Chargers.

1. Type 2 Charging Cable. Some call them the Mennekes IEC 62196 (which won’t come standard with your EV). These cables enable new EV drivers to charge on AC Type 2 Charging Stations that range from 7Kwh to 22Kwh charging speeds. A Type 2 Charging Cable is the most important tool for owning an EV and you’ll need it to charge at most charging locations around Australia.

2. A Type 2 Portable Charger also known as a Portable EV Charger or a Mennekes EV Charger, which most EVs come standard with. Drivers don’t realise, they’ll need more than just one. The reason is you’ll need one to leave at home and another for emergencies on the road. It enables new generation EVs sold in Australia Portable Charging on standard 240V outlets found almost anywhere 25+ million we estimate.

3. The Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter, also known as SAE J1772 to IEC 62196 (Mennekes).  It allows the use of older Type 1 Charging Stations for newer Type 2 EVs. This is one of the best ways to avoid a long EV Charging Queue for a free Type 2 EV Charging Station.

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