Tesla Model Y Giga Factory Berlin receives Greenlight

Tesla has received approval to build some 2000 Model Y bodies (pre-mass production) by the Brandenburg State Environment department. This is an essential and one of the final steps towards working production operation in Berlin Giga Factory. 

What does this mean for Australia? Well it means there's another Model Y factory out there, which means maybe, just maybe the Tesla Y will arrive sometime soon...The Tesla Model Y looks more and more like a possibility for Australian market, now with the addition added manufacturing in Germany. 

Model Y delivery times are now estimated to be around July 2022 alone. We're Australia fits in this we're assuming December at the earliest. Meanwhile the Mustang Mach E continues to the off limits for Australia (last 2023 our guess). 

Tesla Model Y

Will Australia ever have an affordable EV SUV. Apart from some excellent hatches, crossovers (Niro, Kona and ZS) and VERY expensive options (IX, i3, EQC...), there's almost no choice out there. Yet Australia is in love with SUVs, we're buying more than ever. 

Just an FYI, here's what you'll need if you purchase any of the above vehicles. 

1. Type 2 Charging Cable or the Type 2 Stretcher. A Type 2 Charging Cable is the most important tool for owning an EV and you'll need it to charge at most charging locations around Australia. 

Type 2 Charging Cable Australia

2. A Type 2 Portable Charger also known as a Portable EV Charger, which most EVs come standard with. 

EV Type 2 Portable Charger Australia

3. The Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter, also known as SAE J1772 to IEC 62196.  Avoid a long EV Charging Queue for a free Type 2 EV Charging Station. 

EV Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter

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