Tesla (TSLA) hit a record production of 936K vehicles for 2021!

Tesla has announced in its latest holders update record production last year of 936 thousand vehicles... With 308 thousand vehicles delivered Q4 alone! Tesla is truely one of the great successes of the 21st century so far. But will it keep its' status? 

Tesla event

This was by far a huge leap above market expectations. Wall Street sources thought last quarter would see 265 thousand not a huge 308 thousand delivered. Tesla has really done well, after almost a decade of pioneering EVs (I should say re-pioneering, EV1...). Next year (this year) will see probably even better results, particularly if the global chip shortage comes to a cool down. 2021 saw an increase of over 87% of total EVs delivered. 

Interestingly enough Tesla's original flagship models barely made it across the finish line. The Model S and Model X both made up a combined 3% of sales, which does raise the question, when is Tesla increasing the model lineup? Model 3 and Model Y deliveries accounted for 296 thousand deliveries. However both are essentially the same vehicle too. 

If one is thinking of buying a Tesla in Australia right now please remember to account for charging needs. 

What do I need? 

1. Type 2 Charging Cable or the Type 2 Stretcher. Some call them the Mennekes IEC 62196 (which won't come standard with your EV). These cables enable new EV drivers to charge on AC Type 2 Charging Stations that range from 7Kwh to 22Kwh charging speeds. A Type 2 Charging Cable is the most important tool for owning an EV and you'll need it to charge at most charging locations around Australia. 

Type 2 Charging Cable Australia

2. A Type 2 Portable Charger also known as a Portable EV Charger, which most EVs come standard with. Drivers don't realise, they'll need more than just one. The reason is you'll need one to leave at home and another for emergencies on the road. It enables new generation EVs sold in Australia Portable Charging on standard 240V outlets found almost anywhere 25+ million we estimate. 

EV Type 2 Portable Charger Australia

3. The Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter, also known as SAE J1772 to IEC 62196.  It allows the use of older Type 1 Charging Stations for newer Type 2 EVs. This is one of the best ways to avoid a long EV Charging Queue for a free Type 2EV Charging Station. 

EV Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter

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