Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable


Type 2 32A/7Kwh or 32A/22Kwh
5 Metres (streight) and 3 Metres (coiled)
Mennekes (IEC 62196) Public Charging Cable


Type 2 charging cable

What’s a Type 2 Charging Cable?

This Type 2 Charging Cable acts as the connector between your EV and Type 2 socket charging stations and is compatible with all Type 2 public charging networks. Simply plug one end into the charging station and the other end into your EV.

A Type 2 to Type 2 EV Charging Cable or Mennekes cable is a high output connector operating from 7kWh up to 22kWh that can be used on public EV charging stations.

A must have for use with universal (socketed) public and private chargers:

  • Chargefox Network
  • ActewAGL Network
  • Queensland Electric Super Highway
  • RAC Electric Highway
  • City of Adelaide Charging Network
  • Jaguar Land Rover Dealer Network
  • Mirvac Shopping Centre Network
  • 151 Property Shopping Centre Network
  • Waverley, Woolhara and Randwick Council network
  • Synergy Charging Network
  • …to name few

Which Type of Cable should I get?

There are two variations, 7 Kwh Coiled and 22 Kwh Straight Cable. 7 Kwh Coiled is best for Electric Bikes and 22 Kwh is for all other EVs Check out our FAQs section

Compatible with Type 2 Socketed:

Audi, Mercedes Benz, BYD, EQC, Volkswagen, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar, KIA, Mazda, BMW, Mini, MG, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Polestar, Porsche, Renault, Rivian, TESLA, Toyota, Volvo



Ce certificationTuv certification

Compatible Charging Stations:

The cable works on both 7kWh and 22kWh IEC 62196 charging stations, Single Phase and Three Phase.

It’s built tough.

It’s made from strong, durable and hard-wearing materials. Made from an insulated and reinforced 5m length cable for a robust, reliable, quick and easy connection to your Pure EV or PHEV.

Also known as.

EV Charging Cable, Type 2 Cable, Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable, Type 2 to Type to EV charging cable, charging cable mode 3 type 2, mode 3 type 2 charging cable, type 2 to type 2 ev charging cable 22kw, mennekes type 2 charging cable, type 2 type 2 charging cable, Type 2 Mennekes Cable, Type 2 Charging Cable, Type 2 to Type 2 Cable, Type 2 EV Cable and Type 2 Cable Tesla.

Delivery time estimate: 

1-5 Business Days within Australia. Please see Australia Post’s website for time delays.

Carbon neutral parcel delivery: Australia Post purchases carbon credits to offset the emissions of this delivery.

NOTE: Public charging cables are not extension cables and will not work if connected to a tethered charger, the intended use is for socketed ‘universal chargers’





7 Kwh Coiled 3 Metres, 22 Kwh 5 Metres


For Pure EV and PHEV:

All JUCER products are compatible with Type 2 Socketed full EV (BEV) and  plug-in Hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).


24 Months

Rated Current:

Single phase 10A to 32A three phase

Rate Voltage:


Insulation Resistance:


Mechanical Life:

no-load plug in/pull out> 10000 times

IP Degree:


Connector Pin:

Copper alloy, silver plating

Working Temperature:

–30°C ~ 55°C Thermos plastic (insulator UL94V-0inflammability)

Withstand Voltage:



Thermoplastic, flame retardantgrade UL94V-0


Inner copper with TPE/TPU +5m

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russell fry
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Peter van Schaik
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Benjamin Rotondo
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Jim Stone
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O H (PeacockBlue)
Such efficient service. Placed my order Friday night around midnight. The package was sitting at my doorstep less than 12 hours later. The cable is really well made and very durable, enough to last the lifetime of my newly acquired EV. Well done Jucer!