EV Charging. Just got a KIA Niro? Here's what you need to know.

The KIA Niro is one of only 2 BEV (fully electric EVs) within the KIA range right-now. But there's no need for KIA to expand that lineup, but there's another one on the way! The Niro is in my opinion the most efficient and practical EVs for value. This is purely because of its' fantastic range (455Km) and it's excellent onboard charger. 

Not a lot of drivers understand or know the complexity of EV Charging speed. Until one owns an EV, there's no way in really knowing how fast or how to charge your EV quickly. The Niro has three ways of charging.

Firstly there's home AC Charging via a standard outlet. Which involves you using a Type 2 Portable Charger. This is the slowest way to charge your EV, but by far the most practical, easiest and logical. It's slow because you can only plug in to a regular household outlet (220-240V) and be fully charged in approximately 29 hrs. But this is mainly because the Niro has a large 64Kwh battery. However keep in mind most of us only use the car 1 to 2 hrs a day. In reality this means it only makes sense to plug in the car once a week, and just letting it charge overnight.

Type 2 Portable Charger also known as a Portable EV Charger, which most EVs come standard with. Drivers don't realise, they'll need more than just one. The reason is you'll need one to leave at home and another for emergencies on the road. It enables new generation EVs sold in Australia Portable Charging on standard 240V outlets found almost anywhere 25+ million we estimate.

EV Type 2 Portable Charger Australia


Secondly using a Type 2 Charging Station. Type 2 Charging Stations come in different charging speeds. 7 Kwh (Single Phase) and 22 Kwh (Three Phase) are the norm in Australia. Unfortunately the Niro's onboard Charger is limited to only Single Phase (7.2 Kwh), however it can still charge up completely in 9 and half hrs. Prices range for $2k to $5k AUD to buy and install these Stations in your home or business. Also you'll need something called a Type 2 Charging Cable (which isn't standard).

Type 2 Charging Cable or the Type 2 Stretcher. Some call them the Mennekes IEC 62196 (which won't come standard with your EV). These cables enable new EV drivers to charge on AC Type 2 Charging Stations that range from 7Kwh to 22Kwh charging speeds. A Type 2 Charging Cable is the most important tool for owning an EV and you'll need it to charge at most charging locations around Australia. 

Type 2 Charging Cable Australia
Lastly DC Rapid Charging. The Niro has a fantastic onboard DC Charger, which makes it a real rival for EV the Porsche Taycan (a car 4x the price). It can charge at a speed up to 150Kwh. We estimate if one can find a minimum 150Kwh Charging Station, it's possible to charge a Niro in 45 minutes (based on the KIA specs provided). This makes the Niro an excellent long distance road trip car and family car in our view. We're looking forward to seeing more of KIA Niro and other KIA EVs on the road for years to come.
DC Rapid Charging
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