Everything You Need To Know About Type 2 EV Charging Cable

All electronic devices function and operate with the help of a robust charger, including electric vehicles. The power stations also provide chargers that are compatible enough to charge your vehicle. You can find that the type 2 EV charging cable also supports other popular brands of vehicles that provide proper connectivity. The chargers have features and functions to support proper charging at the perfect pace. Let’s learn more about type 2 EV charging cables.

What is the type 2 EV charging cable?

The type 2 chargers are fast chargers and can provide quick services at the station or at home. These highly advanced chargers are often considered the European standard plug type charger. Most new electric cars or vehicles are using the type 2 charger. It contains the feature of seven pin connection to both the ends of the charger. You can connect it with most electric vehicles.

Why do you need a type 2 EV cable?

You need a type 2 EV cable to charge the vehicles at multiple destinations, like shopping malls parking, parking stations, gyms, and other car parks in town. The cable is compatible with most charging stations. Type 2 EV cable can work on a single phase and three phases. It directly means that the cable supports charging the vehicles at 7 kWh and 22 kWh.

The type 2 EV charging cable can operate at higher temperatures also. The efficiency and high durability material used makes type 2 EV charging cable suitable or convenient for everyone. The speciality of type 2 chargers is that it operates at 55 degree Celsius and can be lowered to -30 degree Celsius.

How fast is a type 2 EV charger?

The fast chargers are categorised into 7 kW and 22 kW. The charging speed mostly depends on the car’s onboard charger. A 7 kW charger can recharge the 40kW of battery in 4 -6 hours. A 22 kW charger can charge in about 1-2 hours. If you are going to parking the car in a parking station, prefer the 7 kW charger. You can use 22 kW in case of trips, meetings, and other destinations that you want to reach soon.

type 2 EV charging cable

Purchase from a reputed seller

It is excellent to prefer purchasing EV charging cables in Australia from certified and registered sellers. You can trust them in terms of quality, material, prices, and durability. The reputed sellers provide satisfactory EV chargers, cables or connectors to the customers to maintain long-term healthy client relations.  

You will easily find these type 2 EV cables at various online outlets available. It is best to buy these cables at reasonable and exclusive prices from Jucer. We pride ourselves in being the best providers of cables of about 5 metres and eight metres in length. Each EV charging cable allows you to charge efficiently even if your vehicle is parked at a distance in charging stations. The cables will not affect the safety and functionality or the charging speed of the vehicle at charging ports. Reach out to us to know more about our EV charging cables.

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