EVs are adding stealth to modern day Australian Law Enforcement

Australia has always been the envy of the world when it comes to Highway Patrol Vehicles. The KIA Stinger, BMW 5 Series, Chrysler 300 SRT Core, Honda Civic Type R, AUDI RS4 and RS7. But what about electric cars, here's a surprise... They're already here and making a huge splash...

In Rose Bay Local Area Command not to recently had their very on BMW i8 to play with. In Victoria a non-promotional Tesla Model X Long Range with quietly added to the fleet. With same pretty cool Robo-Cop gadgets such as an integrated License Plate scanner and sirens. In the main stream Nepean Area Command have added a modest but sleeper Hyundai Kona Electric to their fleet. 

The real question is, are EVs good enough for conventional patrol? Or what could an EV do better than a conventional vehicle. My first thoughts are STEALTH.... EVs are really quiet... Which kinda has big advantages for a day to day patrol vehicle. Recently this was made evident by recent report I read about the new Tesla Model Y Police cruiser being tested out in a little town by the name of Wolfeboro in New Hampshire. It's on trial by Capt Mark Livie who had some very revealing comments. 

"The vehicle also has another key difference from traditional cruisers: it's silent. It definitely does give some advantage when you're going to a call, or, basically, you can kind of slow approach a residence or a business, and no one's going to hear you in this kind of vehicle," he said

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