Is the Tesla recall such a bad thing?

As you may or may not know, Tesla has just recently announced a very big recall on a number of vehicles globally. However this isn’t a bad thing for Tesla drivers at all.

Tesla is recalling some 475,000 vehicles is the US alone. We don’t have a confirmation on the global figure as of yet. 

  • Tesla plans to recall 356,309 Model 3 vehicles made between 2017 and 2020 to fix defective rear-view cameras.
  • Tesla will also recall 119,009 Model S cars assembled from 2014 because of a faulty front-boot latch that could cause the bonnet to open unexpectedly.

Also though large in number, we think this recall is probably one of best earliest signs of Tesla investing into brand reputation…. These are not scary issues, such as faulty fuel pumps, airbags, driver assist failures or fake emissions tests (highly unlikely with a Tesla). 

Tesla Giga Factory Model 3

These issues are merely cosmetic, which I don’t think most vehicle manufacturers would bother to recall. As a Tesla convert, I hope this gives others the reassurance Tesla cares about brand reputation… Tesla still has a very large EV market share in Australia and New Zealand, now with good reason.

Tesla driving experience Sydney

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