Owning an EV in Australia is more affordable than ever!

The cost to purchase an electric vehicle in Australia remains notoriously high, but they’re getting cheaper. With the rising prices of petrol, the government subsidies that do exist in some states and other factors, however we believe the benefits of EVs in Australia and owning one are becoming and especially rightnow are all the more attractive. When combined with EV companies like JUCER who are developing innovative products to make it easier to power them - selling needed equipment such as a type 2 EV cable, a type 2 charging cable adaptor, and even a portable charger for electric cars - owning an EV in Australia is definitely more affordable now than ever.

Benefits Of EVs In Australia: Accessibility

With fuel prices steadily rising - up 36% from the lows of 2020 to September 2021 - it’s doubtful that oil producers will drop them after seeing consumers willing to pay more. Powering EVs through electricity is not only less expensive, but so is the cost of maintenance with much fewer mechanical components that require frequent servicing. Availability of charging stations in Australia has been a problem, though that is being addressed with recent investments by the government.

EVs In Australia

And, innovative technology is overtaking that challenge all of the time. JUCER is an Australian company that specializes in EV charging solutions. With their portable charger for electric cars, past fears of dying nowhere near a charging station is reduced. They also sell the latest type 2 EV cable that most manufacturers have updated to,  and a type 2 charging cable adaptor for more versatility no matter what station you find. 

Benefits Of EVs In Australia: Discounts And Subsidies

The picture of EVs in Australia isn’t as embarrassing as say 6 months ago, or even yesterday (thanks to the new UK-AUS free trade agreement). There are investments (Electric Super Highways) and programs (although small) going on to incentivise the Aussie market further, other than just saving on the growing petrol bill. 

Here is what some of them look like:

  • Australian Capital Territory: Stamp duty exemptions for new EVs.
  • New South Wales: Stamp duty exemption and a $3000 rebate in some cases. 
  • Victoria: Lower stamp duties and a $3,000 subsidy under certain qualifications.
  • Queensland: Lower stamp duties.
  • Tasmania: Stamp duty exemption.
  • South Australia: $3000 subsidy for some qualifiers, and no registration fees until 2025.
  • Northern Territory: Reduced registration fees.

Change is coming and JUCER provides the equipment to welcome it. You can view their affordable, high-quality portable charger for electric cars, type 2 EV cable, and type 2 charging cable adaptor, as well as other great EV products at their online store: jucer.com.au.

Disclaimer: JUCER does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the data and accepts no liability whatsoever arising from or connected in any way to the use or reliance upon this data. Special thanks to photos by Screen Post and Simberto.