Queensland has an Electric Super Highway and it's pretty good.

With electric vehicles becoming more popular throughout Australia, the nation's transportation infrastructure is getting a big overhaul. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Queensland Electric Super Highway.

From what we can gather, this is the longest electric superhighway in a single state, anywhere in the world. According the the qld.gov.au the Queensland Electric Super Highway hosts 31 fast-charging hubs in total, allowing locals and visitors alike to get around between key Queensland hotspots like Cairns, Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Coolangatta. Yeah Coolangatta… How cool is that!

The first phase of the Queensland Electric Super Highway installed 18 fast-charging sites in total, and Phase 2 has introduced a subsequent set of 13 more in locations like Ipswich, Port Douglas, Mt Larcom, North Lakes, Gin Gin, Forest Glen, and Ayr. It’s never made more sense to switch to electric in Queensland. You don’t need a big budget for a high range Tesla or Porsche Taycan either. A lower range Renault Zoè or MG ZS are now practical choices for some of the most remote areas in Queensland thanks to the Queensland Electric Super Highway.

This is great for tourism too, EV tourism that is. It’s so simple for EV owners to cruise along the Queensland coastline, stopping off at some of Australia's most scenic destinations along the way. With range anxiety in Queensland, quickly becoming a thing of the past. 

What’s the catch? Well, it’s probably greener charging on the Queensland Electric Super Highway network than at home. All Charging Station on the Queensland Electric Super Highway network use of green energy, which is covered either by offsets or direct green energy credits, resulting in a completely carbon-neutral, pollutant-free form of transportation. Yes Queensland…. 

What do I need? 

1. Type 2 Charging Cable or the Type 2 Stretcher. Some call them the Mennekes IEC 62196 (which won't come standard with your EV). These cables enable new EV drivers to charge on AC Type 2 Charging Stations that range from 7Kwh to 22Kwh charging speeds. A Type 2 Charging Cable is the most important tool for owning an EV and you'll need it to charge at most charging locations around Australia. 

Type 2 Charging Cable Australia

2. A Type 2 Portable Charger also known as a Portable EV Charger, which most EVs come standard with. Drivers don't realise, they'll need more than just one. The reason is you'll need one to leave at home and another for emergencies on the road. It enables new generation EVs sold in Australia Portable Charging on standard 240V outlets found almost anywhere 25+ million we estimate. 


EV Type 2 Portable Charger Australia


3. The Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter, also known as SAE J1772 to IEC 62196.  It allows the use of older Type 1 Charging Stations for newer Type 2 EVs. This is one of the best ways to avoid a long EV Charging Queue for a free Type 2EV Charging Station.


EV Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter


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