Is it the most beautiful EV off 2022? The Porsche Taycan

Time and time again, people ask me. What's the best EV you can buy? My answer is do you choose your car for looks or personality. Because the Taycan has both. Now a popular car on Sydney streets. 

The 911 is more than just a Automotive icon, it's a probably the best ICE vehicle ever made (Internal Combustion Engine). Porsche pioneered carburetor, the flat six and later turbo driving. Has it done it again? The answer is yes....

Available in a rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive, saloon, shooting break or cross-over the Taycan is an instant and iconic EV of our time. It's no surprise, it's already outsold the 911. It was the 3rd most popular selling Porsche in Australia 2021. Outselling not just the 911, but the Panamera, Boxter and Cayman too.. 

White Porsche Taycan

But what's the big attraction in looks or personality? 

I myself am a personality guy, I like what's under the hood. Which is why the Taycan is one of my biggest crushes. How does 300Kw of power on the base model sound? Yes that's right, it's a cool 5.4 seconds to 100km in just a base model. Most base EVs struggle to get anywhere sub 7 seconds. Then there's charging speed... It's actually charges fast, as low as 22 and half minutes (5-80%). The range is 369 Km on the base model (smaller battery) with an optional later battery putting out 434 Km. Lastly it's a Porsche, which means performance, handling and engineering perfection.... 

Porsche Taycan

The looks (if you're that shallow). The Taycan is stunning, sometimes I find it hard to keep eye contact.... It's those 4 Four Point LED headlights you can see a mile away. There's the 16.8 curved display (all digital and high pixel density). Then there's the body, beautiful skinny and curvy in all the best places. 

Here are the essential charging components you'll need to charge your new Taycan EV. 
EV Charger for MG ZS EV

Type 2 Portable Charger also known as a Portable EV Charger, which most EVs come standard with. Drivers don't realise, they'll need more than just one. The reason is you'll need one to leave at home and another for emergencies on the road. It enables new generation EVs sold in Australia Portable Charging on standard 240V outlets found almost anywhere 25+ million we estimate. 


Type 2 EV Charging cable for MG ZS EV


Type 2 Charging Cable or some call it Mennekes IEC 62196 (which won't come standard with your EV). The Charge Cable enables EV drivers to charge on AC Type 2 Charging Stations that range from 7Kwh to 22Kwh charging speeds. A Type 2 Charge Cable is the most important tool for owning an EV and you'll need it to charge at most charging locations. 

Type 1 to type 2 adapter for MG ZS EV

Lastly a Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter, also known as SAE J1772 to IEC 62196. It's a very underrated and very handy thing to have in you're in bit of a charging pickle. The reason being is after your first few months owning an EV you'll encounter your first "charging queue". EV drivers have to wait for someone else to finish charging their EV, before being able to charge. In this situation, you have no choice but to just wait sometimes hrs or risk it and drive on to the next Charging Station (if you make it). However.... There's such a thing as a Type 1 Charging Station, which are basically left alone or abandoned in carparks next to busy Type 2 Charging Stations. Type 1 Charging Stations were the old EV Charging Socket type, but have since being phased out in new EVs sold in Australia. However the are plenty of these old stations left unused. Hence the Type 1 to Type 2 Adapter. Which quite literally lets you JUMP THE QUEUE and use the older and vacant Type 1 Charging Station! 

Browse our Type 1 and Type 2 EV chargers and other products today and keep an eye out for our EV charging facilities located all throughout Australia. We and the planet thank you for your choice to use an electric vehicle and we wish you safe travels throughout the country.

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